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Welcome!: My name is Yvan Koumou-Komlan Kate. I'm from a small country in West Africa name Togo where I was only known by the name  I was given. It wasn't until I moved to the United States where I notice the differences in the abundance of resources between my home and the US, and ever since, I wanted to create a bridge where resources can be evenly distributed throughout the world. I didn't know where to begin because, deep down, I knew how huge the issue was and lived through the struggle. And so I did a bit of self-reflecting, remembering how I lived day to day back home in Togo, remembering how I use to play soccer barefooted with my cousin and how we had to live day to day without any footwear. I have scars on my feet and body that will leave a foreigner speechless. From there, the idea came to me. I love shoes, but I love my country even more, so why not create my very own shoe brand! But not just any type of shoes but to create a brand where every material is fully recycled and fully reusable just like how we use to do back home. When we reuse the same type of fabric repeatedly due to lack of resources or stuff paper into a plastic bag to make a soccer ball, this time, it will be plastic waste, which will be molecularly restructuring into comfortable and fashionable shoes. In doing so, the number of waste produced annually will be reduced, and it would be the first bridge to be built!


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At Boundless motions, it isn't just about shoes, fashion, nor sustainability. Here we are boundless and not limited by society norms. We are the revolution of tomorrow driven by endless motivation to see a better day!

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